Engage your customers and visitors by integrating the most comprehensive proximity marketing engine available

The unique platform is integrated with world-class beacons that aid users in creating eye-catching proximity-based beacon marketing campaigns.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is a revolutionary modern marketing strategy that has been proven to increase conversion of customers by sending push notifications to their smartphones. Physical beacon devices are strategically placed in specific locations to ensure that you target the right customers at the right time. Beacons use short rand, low energy Bluetooth transmitters to send alerts to nearby mobile devices.

This “pull strategy” is a cost effective marketing strategy that has garnered tremendous momentum among professionals worldwide. It is effectively used across all industries including airports, events, hotels, real estate, and more. In fact, they work at any place where people have your app on their mobile device.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Customers experience an interactive environment virtually everywhere they go and even the smallest of brick and mortar businesses run mobile apps. In such a fierce marketplace, proximity marketing can help you get an advantage over your competitors.

Get Immediate Conversions

A proximity marketing campaign can help drive instant traffic and also ensure a high probability of immediate conversion. With such campaigns, you can immediately connect with prospects when the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase are high. Retailers can prompt them with lucrative offers, coupons, or discount texts.

Increases App Engagement

Keeping users engaged is one of the most important ways of ensuring the commercial success of any app. For any business where the location is important, Proximity targeting in conjunction with push notifications is one of the most effective app engagement tools.

Improve App Retention

Improving app retention is a priority for all businesses with a mobile app. Using beacons is a sure way of increasing brand loyalty and improving customer retention, in addition to app analytics in place so that you can create reports on the open rate and engagement rate for push notifications. The average clickthrough rate (CTR) for beacon-based push notifications can be as high as 80%. With this high CTR, it’s easy to see why beacons can help transform the customer experience.

Provide Personalized Experience

Personalization is a key aspect to an awesome experience. With proximity marketing, businesses can send personalized messages and at the same time, the staffs and managers in the store are alerted if a loyal customer walks in, enabling them to offer the best in-store experience to valued regulars.

The ultimate proximity marketing platform that is guaranteed to create better campaigns – and grow faster


It’s all about relevant campaigns

As an enterprise organization with a large and diverse customer base, you need to deliver campaigns based on customer interests. Campaigns that are tailored specifically to the customer’s current location work best!

Analytics-driven campaigns

Why waste time trying to figure out the perfect campaign strategy when analytics can do the work for you? With AMBEACON, fine-tune your proximity marketing campaigns and get a deeper understanding of your customers, their behaviour and underlying business opportunities.

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