Beacon marketing
and advertising solution

Engage, interact, and enhance customer experience within minutes by using our beacons’ Bluetooth marketing campaigns.

What is Beacon marketing?

Beacon marketing is a close proximity form of marketing that is used to strategically interact with consumers at specific locations. Using Bluetooth (a hardware that is installed on all modern devices), a notification is sent to all nearby smartphones. As simple as that and it is cost effective, trackable, allows you to retarget, targeted audience as well has a high conversion rate.

Already have
your own business app?

Our IOS and Android app SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate our proximity-triggered lock-screen notifications into your pre-existing app.

End-to-end proximity marketing
solution using beacons

Engage local consumers with contextually relevant beacon notifications.

Get started with beacon campaigns in under 15 minutes

Using pre-configured BLE beacons makes getting started a process that takes almost no time at all.

Powerful app to receive proximity marketing campaigns

Deliver marketing campaigns without fail to all end-consumers who are in proximity of the beacon.

Beacons pre-configured to easy to use & rich beacon platform

Create, manage, and monitor beacon campaigns all from an intuitive and easy to use web-app.

Get detailed analytics on campaign performance

See real-time data on notifications, clicks, and campaign performance. Easily export your data to CSV.

How to set up your beacon
marketing campaign

Get started with
beacon marketing in 3 easy steps

Setting up a beacon marketing campaign with AMBEACON only takes three simple steps:

Deploy Beacons

Beacons have to be deployed in strategic locations to ensure smooth engagement with consumers. Before deploying the beacon, you will have to calibrate its range so that it does not interfere with the experience of the adjacent product.

A perfect example is using the beacon at an iPhone store. In this case you want to inform consumers about each phone model. As such, if a consumer is in the range of an iPhone X they should receive a beacon with iPhone X information. On the other hand, if a consumer is looking at an iPhone 7 they should receive information about the respective iPhone 7 rather than the iPhone X.

You should also keep in mind all the necessary physical factors that can be influenced by the beacon. These include the location, the height, and any signals that may interfere with the beacon signal.

Create A Proximity Marketing Campaign

A campaign is only as effective as its landing page. AMBEAON’s platform allows you to quickly create landing pages that are top quality. We call them markdown cards. You have the option of using one of our pre-designed templates or build your own from scratch.

We made sure that the process is intuitive, and no developer is required. Our platform lets you create immersive and fully functional forms for collecting feedback from your customers. If you already have your own social media campaign or a campaign website that you want to direct users to, you could do so with ease.

The dashboard also allows you to measure and fine-tune your campaigns based on data collected by the analytics engine.

Deliver Personalised Campaigns

Now that you’ve created campaigns and assigned their deployment beacons, your consumer will start receiving notifications directly to their smartphones. To receive these notifications, your consumers will need a beacon-powered app.

How does beacon marketing work?

Let’s walk through what happens when a user walks into a beacon zone.

Ranging from 10m to 300m, the beacons are deployed in stores, airports, and other business locations. These beacons continuously transmit Bluetooth Low Energy signals to its predefined range, which will differ based on the use case. The beacon will find an ID to all apps that detect its signal. Using this ID, a notification can be sent to the consumer’s smartphone to let them know about a deal, a feedback form, or the business website. This is done through rich in-app notifications that open up a campaign – a markdown card, a form, or even a website.

Beacon marketing and an app

What sets Bluetooth beacons apart from other proximity marketing technologies is the rich and personalized experience it provides. Bluetooth beacons is only proximity marketing channel that reach consumers without them having to take any steps. Unlike NFC or QR Code proximity marketing options, Bluetooth beacons enable you to initiate the campaign.

Enhance customer experience with app-driven beacon campaigns

With proximity marketing, you can make sure that the end-user finds your campaigns to be relevant. We often see a difficulty in keeping track of consumers and accidentally bombarding them with irrelevant messages. With an app in the picture, consumers can choose to receive marketing content. 2 out of every 5 consumers want to receive targeted ads. The person’s location plays a huge role in relevance, so whether they choose to download a brand app or a third-party beacon app, their experience is bound to be tailored and rich. 70% of millennials try out new apps every month, so the changes of them downloading your app are high!