iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon Platform

The unique platform is integrated with world-class beacons that aid users in creating eye-catching proximity-based marketing campaigns.

iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon Platform

The unique platform is integrated with world-class beacons that aid users in creating eye-catching proximity-based marketing campaigns.


Set up your own unique proximity marketing infrastructure through a wide array of Bluetooth beacons – quick and easy!


You can create and monitor your own tailored proximity marketing campaign with our simple and intuitive platform.


Connect with customers in more reliable ways. Enjoy the ability of retargeting them anytime, anywhere – Facebook or Google

Bluetooth beacons pre-configured with the software to work out-of-the-box!

Our wide range of Bluetooth beacons gives you proximity-marketing freedom – stationary, indoor, outdoor, long-range beacons, and even portable beacons that can fit in your pocket or on your keychain. All of our beacons are Eddystone & iBeacon compliant.

Beacon App

Simple to use, both developers and non-developers are able to use AMBEACON’s beacon app to monitor and manage the beacon fleet. With the AMBEACON app, you can – Modify transmission range,Monitor battery status,Configure beacon settings

Beacon CMS: Simple and Powerful

Markdown Cards

Our editor is extremely simple and intuitive to use. With see-what-you-edit features, you’ll be able to build a high-quality landing page in no time.


With Forms, you’ll be able to gather insights on your campaigns and make the best business decisions. The AMBEACON platform is uniquely developed to make this analysis a breeze.

Schedule Campaigns

Use schedules to improve your customer targeting. Schedule campaigns to be time relevant during any time of the week in a single instance or a recurring format.

Beacon Notifications

Let your customers know about contextually relevant offers through pop up notifications. Be it listings or any other information that can be found on your app, you’ll be able to create a custom notification. This includes adding a logo, heading, description, and a link to your notifications.

Dynamic Notifications: AMBEACON enhances your campaigns’ custom design by letting you create several versions of the notification and allows you to use any language.

Campaign Level

Understand your visitors! Run campaigns based on the engagement of your visitors and fine-tune any running campaigns with AMBEACON’s analytics engine. The engine also gives you the option to analyze the overall performance of the campaign.

Beacon Level

Use funnel analytics to have a full understanding of your campaigns at any given location or time. AMBEACON gives you the option to export this data for any future reference.

Bulk Beacon Management

Don’t be scared of organizing and managing your own beacon fleet! AMBEACON smoothens your experience by letting you manage everything from one single platform – select individual or multiple beacons at once and assign one campaign, notification and place to all of them


Our platform is easy to integrate with your pre-existing brand app! Feel free to integrate our IOS and Android SDKs into your app and start building custom beacon experiences for your customers.

Recapture the attention of your users

By retargeting visitors through AMBEACON, you will be able to re-engage customers who have left your business and bring them back for more. You can retarget your customers through Google Ads Facebook and Instagram pixels.