QR Code Generator

Create, Customize & Retarget using the code generator

QR Code Generator

Create, Customize & Retarget using the code generator

Create a free custom QR code - quick & easy!

At the click of a button, turn your links. PDFs, and locations into QR codes! Spice it up with our QR Code design elements

Personalise your QR Code with your logo or an image file

Make sure your user knows who the QR Code belongs to. Upload your brand logo or an image file on the QR Code generator. You can still personalise your QR Code even if you don’t have a logo. Feel free to try icons from our gallery. With a real-time preview, it’s easy to see how the QR Code with logo is coming together.

Separate yourself from a boring black-and-white QR Code!

Have your QR Code represent your brand by using your company colours. You can either choose to apply a bold brand colour or a gradient for a fresh and attractive QR Code.

Create custom-shaped QR codes

Choose from different data patterns and eye shapes. You can have your choice between a rounded corner, sharp edges, or a diamond-shaped eye. Play with data patterns until you design a QR Code that you love.

Add a frame with a call-to-action

Add a short and clear CTA on the QR Code frame that nudges users to act. Such a call-to-action can be to download the app or scan the code to make a purchase.

Dynamic QR Codes generator for editable QR Codes

The link from dynamic codes can be changed even after printing! Unlike static codes, you are always free to update the information that is on the QR code.

Track the number of scans

Our intuitive analytics system shows you your most important metrics as charts – number of scans vs location. This allows you to understand the best and worst-performing campaigns in a quick glance. Leverage this scan statistics to spot trends, track scan performance & improve your campaigns. By connect with Google Analytics you can see your users’ journey, their age, gender, & interests. Make informed decisions with a downloaded CSV file by your side!

Make QR Codes with online retargeting capabilities

Not all first-time visitors translate into buyers, but they still have the intention to buy. The only way to convert them is by re-engaging them online. Here’s how QR code online retargeting with AMBEACON works-

Generate branded landing pages. No coding required.

Create landing pages for all your QR Codes – all it takes is 10mins. And, no coding!

Drag and drop blocks required in your landing page – image, content, headings, video or a button. Apply fonts and colors of choice. All our landing pages are automatically optimized to look great on mobile devices.

Print QR Codes in high-resolution & multiple file formats

You will never have to compromise the quality of the QR Code. By download our QR Codes in HD quality and multiple formats (JPEG, PNG, EPS, and SVG), you will be able to print the QR Code at any scale.