QR code marketing solution

Run endways QR Code marketing campaigns with AMBEACON’s
dynamic QR code generation, management and tracking tools.

QR code marketing solution

Run endways QR Code marketing campaigns with AMBEACON’s
dynamic QR code generation, management and tracking tools.

What is QR code marketing?

QR Code marketing is a proximity marketing channel that leverages quick response (QR) codes to bridge the gap between offline and online channels. These QR Codes are placed in strategic locations for consumers to find and scan using their smartphone. This will enable them to access more information about the product, brand, or offers.

How to set-up a dynamic QR code marketing
campaign with AMBEACON

Setting up a QR code marketing campaign has never been easier! With AMBEACON you only need to take three quick steps:

Design your QR Coded

Create a mobile-optimized landing page (markdown card) for the campaign and assign it to the QR Code

Print these QR Codes and place them where consumers can see them

And that quickly and easily, you can be ready to allow your consumers to scan and access relevant information.


Customize the QR code with your brand colors and logo to align with your brand. AMBEACON provides a host of customization features to make sure that your QR code stands out and get more scans.


Create a landing page that users see when they scan a QR code. AMBEACON enables you to make a landing page within minutes without requiring a developer. Simply drag-and-drop your way to creating these landing pages which we call markdown cards. Markdown cards are automatically designed to be accessed on a mobile screen.

If you already have a campaign webpage that you want to direct to, feel free to skip creating a markdown card.

Assign the markdown cards to your QR Code. If you already have a campaign webpage, tie the webpage URL to the QR code. This makes sure that scanning the QR code will direct consumers to the correct webpage. The best part about this QR code solution is that you can change the link attached to the QR code whenever you want without ever changing the QR code on the print.


Finally, create a poster or frame that encourages consumers to scan the QR Code. This graphic should inform consumers about the offer or information, and the value of scanning the QR code. AMBEACON provides multiple templates that can be used for the purpose.

Print these QR codes and paste them on product packaging, brochures, flyers, aisles or sale signs.


Update/modify the target URL behind the QR code at anytime – even after being printed.

What is a dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR codes, also known as smart QR codes allow marketers and business owners to showcase different campaigns at different hours of the day and days of the week without changing the QR code on print material

Once QR codes are printed and distributed there is no turning back. Changing the campaign or launching a new campaign usually means printing a new set of QR codes and re-distributing them to your consumers. The dynamic QR Codes take this headache away! Dynamic codes allow you to modify the campaign or start a new one with the same printed material.

Advantages of dynamic QR codes:

  1. Fine-tune your on-going marketing campaigns based on QR code performance.
  2. Save time and money when you decide to change the target URL.
  3. Schedule campaigns based on peak hours and seasons. Using a restaurant as an example, you could offer 20% off on pancakes in the morning, 10% off on pizza at lunch and  buy 1 get 1 offer for dinner – all using the same poster which reads – “Delicious offers on today’s special”!