QR Code Use

It is just endless how you can use QR Codes

On Business Cards

Add a QR code to your business card and let your newfound connections discover your work samples, portfolio, websites, or social media profile.

On Flyers

Help your customers redeem offer coupons by adding QR codes to your flyers.

On Brochure

Display additional information on your brochures such as product listing, how-to videos, or coupon codes by incorporating a QR code

On Website

Add QR codes to your websites to improve the level of reach and engagement of your users.

On Product Packaging

By placing QR codes on product packaging, your consumers will be able to easily re-order their most enjoyed products

On Posters

Print your posters with QR codes on them and your in-store traffic will grow. The codes can promote products or call consumers to action.

On Billboards & Banners

Consumers will be able to more easily reach your website or offer if you add a QR code to your billboard or banner