Types of QR codes

Explore many variations of QR codes types as well which
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What is QR code marketing?

The first QR Code is Model 1 and Model 2. These are generic models that are seen everywhere. Surprisingly, there are actually far more kinds of QR codes that can be created with some of them being better than others for specific cases. The most common QR codes are

Micro QR Code: If you’ve ever seen a QR code on packaging, then it was probably a Micro QR Code. With only a single orientation, its far easier to print on the smallest of surfaces. Most QR Codes require 4 modules but a Micro QR Code only requires 2. Its largest version is called M4 and has 17×17 modules which allows it to store up to 35 modules.

iQR Code: More complex than the Micro QR, the iQR Code can be printed in a dot pattern, inversion code, or even as a turned over code. It can be recognized by its rectangular shape. The largest iteration of this code is 61 which is 422×422 modules and can store 40,000 numerals.

SQRC Code: Although it closely resembles your average QR code, it is actually restricted and can be used to store confidential information.

FrameQR: What’s unique about FrameQR is the fact that you can place letters and images in the frame. This is especially useful for marketing purposes.

HCC2D Code: HCC2D stands for High Capacity Colored 2-Dimensional and is still not ready for everyday use. It takes advantage of the use of colors with the purpose of increasing data density and battle chromatic distortions. This kind of code uses a field called Color Palette Pattern, whereas no other type of QR code needs this field.

Dynamic QR Codes

With Dynamic QR Codes, the information can be edited. This means that companies only need to print and place their QR Codes once and are able to run countless campaigns and change their information while users are still accessing the previously printed and placed codes.

Which type of QR code is right for you?

There is a perfect QR Code type for you need. With all the choices, you shouldn’t get stressed. Continue reading below about each example and you’ll quickly find the perfect code. Feel free to use a combination of several types and don’t forget to track them to understand what works best for your campaign.

Of course, it’s also easy to integrate QR Codes into your app or website, be it a static or a dynamic code.

Which type of QR Code Generator is right for you?

Some QR Codes only have one function whereas others have several (static vs dynamic). With your specific needs in mind, you’ll be able to choose if you need a static QR Code or a Dynamic one.

Below is a clear guide that will help you make the best decision regarding which QR Code to use.

Webpage QR Code

Utilize your offline consumers to generate online traffic. This kind of QR Code takes users directly to your URL.

The URL could generate leads if its leading to –

1) A coupon code
2) Adding information about a product for sale
3) Landing page
4) Links to a video trailer or tutorial
5) Links to audio content
6) Takes the user directly to a payment page

Location QR Code

Generate Google Maps QR code

In the case that you need to share a Google Maps location for consumers to find your location, you can use a link to Google Maps for a unique location QR Code.

AMBEACON’s markdown cards also allow you to search for your business location and directly embed it from Google Maps.

Your visitors will now be able to find your location by scanning the QR Code.

WAZE QR code

Being the second biggest location app in the US, Waze QR Codes can also be created. They serve the same purpose as a Google Maps QR Code but take the user to Waze rather than Google Maps.

vCard QR code

The vCard QR Code is used to share personal details with clients or potential buyers. Essentially, all the contact details they would need are placed in this code.

vCard QR Codes are arguably better than traditional business cards as they stay up to date, share the business location, and can generate leads if printed on marketing material.

Call QR Codes

Make calls without having to dial. Call QR Codes are perfect for advertisements where you want your leads to call and get in touch with your sales staff instantly.

SMS QR Codes

SMS QR Codes send pre-written text messages. This is particularly useful for retailers, banks, and restaurants. Instead of asking consumers for their numbers, these businesses can receive a direct SMS from the consumer’s phone number. This is shown to increase conversion rates for a lot of businesses.

Social Media QR Code

With most business being active on multiple social media platforms, there should be a way to let consumers choose where they want to reach you. You can create Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and even WhatsApp QR Codes as well to be able to manage them easily which leads to discovery of your social media and keep the customers more informed and engaged about your activities.

Messenger Scan QR Codes

Messenger Scan QR Codes are used to drive users to Facebook Messenger through an m.me link. This is a good way for shoppers to get in touch with companies.

Social Media QR Codes are the perfect solution to promote your presence on these platforms and can be placed on:

1) Product packaging 
2) Business cards
3) Flyers and banners


PDFs are regularly used and shared in businesses. To share a PDF with colleagues or digital flyers with clients, you can use a PDF QR code.

Some examples of PDF formats that do well as QR codes are:

1) Instruction manuals in stores
2) Available real estate properties
3) About the company
4) Generate leads by sharing eBooks and other educational courses

App Download QR Code

By creating a QR code with a universal app store link, users will be able to quickly access your app from any smartphone operating system. The code is set in such a way that when scanned, the device will automatically recognize which store it needs to open so there will be no mishaps between Apple, Google Play, and Windows Phone.

These apps can include promotions to in-store products, email lists, and other promotional information.

Video QR Code

Video QR codes increase engagement with consumers. Be it advertisements or helpful tutorials, the video QR codes help make the consumer’s in-store experience more immersive. The videos can be linked from any video streaming website.

Make sure to choose the QR code placement wisely –

1) Product packaging
2) Business cards
3) Real estate signs
4) OOH ads

Coupon QR Code

Users can now digitally redeem their coupons with Coupon QR Codes. This adds convenience to the shoppers as they don’t need to carry around paper coupons and saves you money as you don’t need to print out a bunch of coupons. The wait time at checkout is also reduced as the Coupon QR Code automates the coupon verification process.

Its best to use the Coupon QR code at –

1) Retail stores
2) Car dealerships
3) Restaurants and bars
4) Online stores
5) OOH ads
6) Movie theatres and events

Text QR Code

Text QR Codes are used most often by educational institutes as it allows students to cross-check their answers. Retailers also utilize the Text QR code to provide more details about their products.The best places to use Text QR codes are Schools and colleges, Resumes, Real Estate signs

Rating Feedback QR Code

Rating feedback QR codes take users to forms where they can rate the product or services they used. This code is a great way to attract more customers and improve the work standards. These are usually placed on posters and flyers, newsletters, inside the store, at checkout or website

Event QR Code

People attending your events can add the time and venue to their calendar as well as buy tickets from Even QR Codes. Even exclusive deals and VIP content can be sold through these codes. It’s best to use Event QR Codes at conferences, seminars, music festivals, movie theatres, food festivals

meCard QR Code

Very similar to the vCard QR Code, the meCard does the exact same thing. The only difference is that the name was coined by Japanese company, NTT Docomo.

Image Gallery QR Code

With the use of one tiny QR code, users are able to open entire image galleries. This can be especially useful for real estate brokers who want to give virtual tours or retailers who want to display their new collection. These are just some of the many examples where an Image Gallery QR Code may be useful and can surely be used to upsell clients.

Wi-Fi QR Code

Wi-Fi QR codes let users connect to the Wi-Fi network without having to type in the password. They simply scan the code and are connected.